Underneath your clothes…

So, drum roll…

I have worked a full week since my diep operation 7 weeks ago. I had a mid week slump where I felt very tired, but I seemed to have perked up again now it’s friday.

This is good for two reasons.

1) I have more energy and I am getting back to my new normal

2) I appreciate the end of the week again and have that Friday feeling, something that I lost when I was healing at home. Every day was the same because I wasn’t really doing anything!

So I had a conversation yesterday how I view nudity and my own body now. I think because so many people have seen my boobs, and  being that I have had quite a lot of surgery, I don’t see my body is sacred or private as much. Instead, I see my body as this amazing machine, a work of art and like a medical exhibit in a museum. I am not going to become a nudist or anything, but it seems more acceptable to show your body parts to people when they aren’t actually my own, does that make sense? 782-female-mannequins (1)

What I am trying to say is how proud I am of what I have been through and educating and helping others overrides the fear of showing my scars and naked body online. I guess I’ve almost donated myself and body to the breast cancer world.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be viewed as a sexual being when it’s appropriate of course, but that’s a lot more scary! (I know I’m bonkers… What’s new)?!

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