I got the bloody job!

This year has been crazy, and I’ve really pushed myself and acheived a lot, but now i can add one more achievement to the list. I have a new job!

I can’t believe that they chose little old me, I was confident but it still was a huge shock when they told me. They asked me to show them some of my work achievements so I went in armed with all these things I’ve done that I’m very proud of and refered to them throught the interview.

Anyway fast forward a tough interview with a panel of 3, a 400 word pre written magazine article and the portfolio of work, and I got the call. 

Apparently they  loved my passion and feel so lucky to have me on board,how nice is that!? Who doesn’t want people to believe in them? It’s a great feeling. 


So it’s the end of my story at Macmillan. It’s been a surreal journey, Enlightening in many ways. When I started there  I was just an intern. I only ever wanted to give something back to people affected by cancer and support them emotionally. I never imagined a year and a half later I’d be leading on communication plans elsewhere and having so much responsibility. 

 I’m still passionate though  and care about the same things just like I did when I was that intimidated frightened young women without a lot of hair 😊

I’m embarking on a new chapter of my story, I think it’s going to be a great one… 


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