Be awesome!

Theres currently a little party on the train. I have a coffee cup of wine trying to be all inconspicuous and lady like. Really I’m a binge drinking Friday piss head. 

The guy to my right s drinking his can of Stella. It’s that unspoken mutual appreciation. “Hey you’re glad it’s the freakin weekend too, cheers dude.”

Guy next to me is looking very serious on his phone. He looks like he could do with a drink! 

I don’t have a purpose in writing this post, other than I’m irritatingly fucking happy. I’ve even started making allowances for people behaving like dickheads in my head. What really is the point in getting annoyed anyway? I am very honest and I say what I think. People are very defensive and don’t always like what I have to say but that’s who I am and I won’t change. Why would I? 

  There’s room for lots of awesome people in the world. Be awesome. Who cares if people don’t like it! You are in charge of your own awesomeness. 

Did I mention I’m bloody happy?


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