Pink boobs and Rye

Gosh I’ve been busy! 

Being busy is good as I don’t have time to think too much. Since we bought the holiday home I’ve been trying to make it look nice and put my touch on it. So today I went out and bought lots of solar lights and some floral bunting and pink geraniums. It’s weird I never was a lover of pink I just think I identify with it now perhaps being a breast cancer survivor.. 


Being in Rye is so nice. I think about my mum and how much she would have loved it here too. It’s such a shame she never got to spend time here. I don’t think about her very much anymore. It’s not because I don’t want to I’ve  probably learned to block it out because it’s still upsetting. You never get over your mum dying young but you learn to become tough and do whatever it takes to protect your heart.

I’m exhausted as it’s all happening at once and I’m still trying to process it all and it’s like I’m playing catch up with my own life! A new job is a a life changing thing and it feels strange leaving my current job but I know it’s for the best and the right decision. 

Nine weeks on I’ve finally healed completely from my op. The inner area as shown in the pic was not closing and kept opening but thank god it’s finally closed!  My belly scar is looking good all things considered too.  


I’m still pretty tired though and I hope next week I get a chance to have a rest.  Boy I need one 


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