The thing about cancer is you get a real perspective on life. What matters and what doesn’t. I still lose sight of it though, I’m like other people. I complain about things like the hot weather and delayed trains. But along comes the perspective train and it hits me hard it knocks me off my feet and takes all the stuffing out of me. It always comes without warning.

Today I heard that my friend Kim died. She had secondary cancer which had metastised but she was strong and there no way she was ever going to give in. She died in surgery from complications and the doctors were unable to save her. She was younger than me. I’m so shocked I can’t quite believe it. I also cannot believe I complained all day about the heat. im still alive im still breathing. Kim is dead.

I dont want to be the kill joy and rain on peoples parades but the fact is we need to sort our shit out because we dont know when our time  is up. Petty arguments, too much pride and ego, ask yourself is what has happened really that terrible or unforgivable? Or would you regret not sorting things out if something happened to that person/people tomorrow and you left it too late?
Ask anyone who ever lost someone suddenly or a dying person on their death bed and they nearly always have regrets about the petty things that they let come between them and another person.

We should all try to live our life so that when the time comes, we regret nothing.Try to forgive others and admit when youre wrong. no one ever choked on their pride.
Pride is generally ugly and humility is beautiful after all.



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