no troubles no cry 

Someone asked me what I read lately. I had to be honest and say that I don’t read these days. I spend all my time writing and I don’t have the concentration to read a book anymore, least not at any speed. It’s a shame I used to love to read.

Then I wondered if people who write blogs or books even enjoy to read or have the time to. Can you do both? I have no idea. I mean if you’re writing a novel you wouldn’t have time to read surely?

So the rain came down for 5 hours straight this morning. Then the sun came out again and everyone has retreated out of their holiday homes and are pottering around again. 

Anyway changing the subject slightly; I’ve been having bad dreams. I don’t know why. On Friday night I screamed out very loudly I woke myself up. Last night I dreamt something terrible happened to my dog. I can only think that I’m anxious or worried about something deep inside. I do like change but at the same time it scares me. Forever asking myself if I’ve made the right decision. I just want to live in peace and harmony and not have any troubles. 



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