Maybe it had to happen. 

Do you ever wonder if something bad had to happen to you to experience something amazing? Well I do. 

Sometimes I think if you look at life in this way the bad stuff doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Like the times I had my heart broken, he just wasn’t right or good enough for me.

The time I fell out with some of my friends when I was diagnosed, they were never real friends and I met new amazing ones. 

The time my mum got cancer and died. I have a much closer relationship with my dad and we support each other.

The time I got breast cancer and nearly died. Chemo was shit. I remember thinking death would be better. It fucked with my brain, made me depressed and on another planet.i thought if I can just get through 5 months of chemo I have the rest of my life to live.

So now I live my life. I do everything I want to do. Every weekend I feel like I’m on holiday now. I appreciate nature more than ever. Everything is beautiful.  I walk I cycle I drink pimms before lunch. I raise my kids, I work hard, the balance is right,  living is a joy. Anyone who tries to kill my joy is quickly removed from my life. I have no time for people that project their own misery on to me. This is my second chance and I’m giving it my all.. 


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