I suck with men (and sorry not tonight I’m washing my hair)

I realise this blog title sounds like a saucy pun.  ‘I suck with men’ sounds a bit dodgy like I am giving every Tom Dick and Harry blowjobs but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 😂

Now when I say I literally SUCK, I mean  I’m terrible on dates, and meeting the right one of course. My luck is just tres mal! I guess I don’t take it all very seriously and to be honest I just want an uncomplicated life and men complicate things don’t they? But bear with I will get to the point loves! So anyway…

Last night I went on a date. The guy picked me up in this very expensive car, but I didn’t comment on this and say ‘oohhhh nice car’ as I’m not impressed by money or flash cars or noisy engines either! Give me a guy who drives a three wheeler car or comes to see me on the bus as long as he gets my heart racing I don’t care. 

Anyway almost immediately he says to me that I look so much like his daughter which to me was already game over. (His daughter is 20 and we do look a bit similar I agree but if he fancied me would that not be weird? It bothered me anyway)!

So, I thought that this guy was 6 years older than me but it turned out he was 11 years older. Age doesn’t bother me really although I’ve never been out with anyone in their 40s before.  When I told him that he said younger guys like me because I’m an older woman with big boobs. Haha gee thanks for that analysis. To be fair he was a fairly nice guy and I felt a bit sorry for him as he proceeded to tell me about his awful luck with women. 

I heard about the woman who said she was pregnant after 1 week, the girl with Tourette’s and the girl with bipolar who threatened to stab him. Compared to all that I’m quite bloody normal, but I couldn’t help but think that even though he said he wanted to meet someone “normal” he really doesn’t. Normal is boring to people addicted to drama like that.  


It seems pointless to just go out with someone because they are ok.. Although he does want to go out again I just think maybe going out with your daughters doppelgänger and talking about all the other shit dates he’s been on might be a bit crap, so I’ll be washing my hair… 


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