I’m a normal girl. (Why I want to be intriguing and not intimidating)

I was googling intimidating women last night and I stumbled on this article written by a woman regularly called intimidating by men. It was so well written and I feel so excited and inspired to write this morning- so kudos to that woman! 

Anyway I do not want to be known or thought of as intimidating as the whole word  just conjures up negative thoughts, but I’ve been told it so many times before, and that was before I even had cancer and started harping on about it all passively agressively  so god knows how I’m viewed since cancer!

 But anyway.. This is what I wanted to say about being intimidating.  (By the way this image is just very funny and not the message I want to put across,but just for the LOLS)…

1. I’m just a normal girl

I’m just a normal girl who has been through quite a lot in her life. I am passionate now about the issues that have affected me because my stories can help others. Perhaps I may be strong minded and come across as a bit agressive but I want to succeed. I want to execute my ideas. I want to achieve.  But like you, I worry what people think of me sometimes. Like you I have hopes and dreams but they are basic ones like living a long life. Ok so I’m not frightened of saying what I want. But isn’t that mostly a good thing? I had cancer so it’s not as scary as that! It’s easy for me I have perspective. 

2.  I get shy and nervous too. 

Particularly around people who are shy/intimated around me. I’m placed on this pedestal I probably can’t ever reach up to. I can’t get my words out, I say stupid things, I blush I’m bashful I’m clumsy I find it hard to make eye contact with people. I’m insecure just like you. I’m good at things yes  but I’m also terrible at things, things I wish I could do. I’m far removed from perfect, but the things I am good at I excel at and I push myself to be great at. 

3.How can you get to know me if you think of me as scary and intimidating?

You will never get a chance to see the real me if you’re too scared to get to know me. But I want people to get to know me for who I really am. Just because I want to be a successful passionate woman who is a high acheiver and does great things with her life doesn’t mean I don’t think other people aren’t great or I look down on them. I notice everything. All the good stuff. That’s why I probably like you- for just being you!! Hell maybe you even intimidate me! 

Let’s replace that word though with intrigue and stop putting people on pedestals. If we thought of people as equals in our minds then there’d be no such thing as intimidating women.



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