TFIM- why we should thank f**k  it’s Monday too

I always think I may come across as patronising and condescending when I’m writing how I view the world and why you should think of things in the same way I do. It’s not meant though. It’s merely my thoughts and how I view things now given this new perspective I have. 

So! Thank fuck it’s Monday! I know you probably think I’m mad, and wondering what is there to like about the day that follows the weekend. But hear me out. 

Monday grounds us and makes us responsible. 

We’ve possibly had a skinful for two days, rolled in at sunrise and had lazy mornings in bed. Our weekly routine temporarily goes out the window. Monday is a reminder that we need to get up early. We have deadlines, we have kids to take to school. We have fun but we  work hard too and we have a balance which we execute amazingly well. 

Monday is a fresh start a day for new beginnings.

I love Mondays because i wake up and think  I’m going to be great. I’m going to achieve and I’m going to make things better. There’s something about that fresh start feeling. It’s addictive and it means you are determined and don’t give up. Whatever happened last week is gone now. It’s in the past. Try again this week.

Monday is good for your health

You probably indulged over the weekend. Bad foods, alcohol,  even drugs although hopefully not!  (Drugs are for mugs by the way and if you’re in your 30s now you have to ask yourself what are you doing with your life?!  

Anyway Monday is generally a day that we take care of ourselves. Healthy foods lots of water, a trip to the gym, and probably an early night to boot. Your body thinks thank f*^k it’s Monday too! 

A lot of how you feel on a Sunday night (pre Monday dread) and on a Monday morning is because society has conditioned you this way. Society turned you against Monday. If you really detest Monday then you are probably in the wrong job or there’s something you need to change.

Yes I do get that ‘oh no’ Monday feeling occasionally, but it doesn’t last long because I’m lucky that I have that experience which makes me so grateful to be alive, even on Mondays. Every day is a blessing, and it always could be a lot worse. If you’re reading this and you are healthy and have friends family and a job you are most probably doing ok.  

My ladies who died of cancer in their 20s and 30s would give anything to have had a few more Mondays…


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