Life moves pretty fast. Stop and  look around for a while…

Everything in my life is going at 100 miles per hour, it’s been that way for  2 years now. I can’t explain it though, you know, how my crazy brain works. It’s hard to relax and I can’t stay fixed on one thought for more than a minute before thinking about something else. I’m permanently wired. 

Because my brain works in this way, I find it impossible to think about things that are happening in my life as a positive. I find it difficult to piece bits together and think of it as MY journey. I know theres been a crazy journey that I’ve been writing and talking about for so long  but it feels like this is all happening to someone else. 

I thought after all this time I would own this journey I’ve been on, but something is broken. My whole identity is like that of a stranger and perhaps I’m in denial still? I don’t know.

Anyway I suppose in a nutshell Ferris was right. Life does move pretty fast. I really want to learn to enjoy and feel the moment and look around once in a while and think hey this living lark is pretty awesome… 

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