About last night…

Yesterday was my last day at Macmillan and I am going to miss it. I’ve only just got the chance to read my lovely card this morning it’s touching reading all the messages from an amazing bunch of people (some of whom you can see below).

I know it’s the right time to go, not only because I’m going on to something more challenging but so I can start  afresh and be more like the old me.  


 Whilst at Macmillan I don’t really think I was my real self until the very end. I think I was still in that fragile place following treatment. But now I feel much more like my old self again although as many of us know Youre never quite  the same again after cancer.

So today I’m suffering with possibly the worst hangover of my life, and I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.

It’s just  3 days until I start my new job. I just hope the hangover has sodded off by then. But fear not reader, for I have a trick up my sleave. 



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