Things that working in the charity sector taught me

People work really hard. 

And yes we get paid. Would you work 35 hours a week plus 2 hours commuting each day for nothing? I doubt it. But people don’t earn that much not compared to public and private sector equivalents. People love their jobs and don’t rush out the door at 5pm. 

There’s a lot of meetings

There’s an awful lot of meetings going on. At first I thought it was a bit silly but actually talking face to face is so much better than emailing. 

There is always cake around (and wine)

When I worked for the public sector we only had cake on people’s birthdays. There was no wine on Fridays in fact drinking in the office was banned since the Christmas office party in 1999 when someone was sick in the bin. (It wasn’t me honestly). People who work in the charity sector like cakes and chocolate and sweets. There’s always food around. You can’t escape it. Cupboards are renamed snack stations (haha I’m not making this up).

Things don’t work very well 

Things are a bit old and don’t tend to work very well like lifts and windows etc…and there’s no air conditioning either so in the summer it gets really hot. Money is not spent on fancy offices or fancy equipment it goes mostly to the people who need it, so no one minds too much.

People are generally just nicer

Most people who work for charities are just genuinely nice people. They want to make a difference to people’s lives and they care more about job satisfaction and having passion than money. There are exceptions to every rule though and they’ll always be people in this world who dislike you who are in competition with you or jealous of you. 

Remember a flower isn’t in competition with other flowers, it’s not looking at the other flowers, it just blooms.  


That warm fuzzy feeling you get

Working in the charity sector is so rewarding. It’s a win win situation. You get to use all your skills whilst helping others at the same time.It’s no wonder then that charity workers report a much higher level of job satisfaction than all the public and private sector peeps. There’s a warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you tell people what you do and talk about your job. It’s inspiring. Your colleagues inspire you and the people you are helping and raising money for are inspiring too.  You have a purpose in life and you make a real difference. 

Oh…You get fat. 

(See cake and wine)


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