Types of people to avoid: (Margaret Thatchers and know-it -alls to name a few)

How do you see yourself? Hopefully you see what your strengths are but are you aware of your not so nice traits? Of course this is subjective, but sometimes people have bad traits that nearly everyone finds grating but it surprises me that some people actually have no clue at all how they come across (or they do and they just don’t care). 

Here are types of people I’ve met in my life who exhibit bad traits which I try to avoid. 

Know-it -alls: 


Ahh know-it- alls. Whatever anyone says they will want to disagree. It could be anything. It’s not even about the right answer it’s about control and power. These people are obnoxious and often have limited comprehension of the subject matter. With these people I just smile and nod my head now. I came to the conclusion that if they want a little ego massage that much I’ll give it to them. Disagreeables  are tiring draining and annoying.  Having an opinion is ok and disagreeing is ok too, just not all the time about things that don’t  really matter and aren’t going to change the world anytime soon)!

Overbearing and bossy: (the Maggie Thatchers)

Ahh the overbearing and bossy. They want to lead every conversation. All the anecdotes have to come from them as their stories are obviously the most entertaining. If anyone wants to partake in the conversation or change the subject of conversation they become flustered or become silent. It’s written all over their faces that they want the attention back all on to them. These  people are often very loud and people are laughing along because their dominance is a tad frightening not because they are naturally  funny. Women like this remind me of Margaret Thatcher 😂 they are the life and soul and for a moment you could be fooled in to thinking that they are uber confident but they aren’t.  (Although apart from Maggie I’m pretty sure she was)!


The i’m so sweet to your face but behind your back I’m a bitch person

I know men and women who are exactly like this. I see through you though and your fakeness. Either be a Grade A bitch or be nice, don’t be a phoney. People who are nice to your face but say bad things behind your back are cowards. Cowards cannot deal with anything thrown at them and they run away from the first sign of trouble. 

My mum used to say Caroline it’s better to be talked about badly than not at all. Now I know what she means.  Occasionally people will talk about you because you’ve done something wrong, but mostly it’s because you’ve done something great and they can’t deal with it. Don’t be friends with people who aren’t happy for you and don’t want the best for you. 

The ice queens/kings

People show their true colours eventually particularly when you’re in trouble or when you have nothing worthwhile to give them. It’s said that people don’t change we just learn who they really are. I avoid people who can’t show empathy or sympathy. Some people are as cold as ice, they cannot deal with feelings or bad things happening to others.  They are self centred mostly but some people put up a tough exterior to stop them from getting hurt. 

All of this is character assasination is tongue in cheek to a degree and everyone has good and bad traits. Everyone deserves love and kindness no matter what. 💗

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