Big ideas from little old me!

I can honestly say I was a bundle of nerves this morning walking in to my new workplace, but I needn’t have been. A hug and a few inductions later I felt quite at home, and I sat with people at lunchtime  in the kitchen- go me! (Mini fist pump number 1) 
The team I work with is quite small so I  have already learned a few people’s names and their roles. (Mini fist pump number 2)

This afternoon I met with a creative agency to discuss ideas for an engaging and bold campaign for 2016. I can’t believe they asked little old me along and wanted my ideas. (Mini fist pump 3) Surprise surprise it wasn’t long before I was expressing my opinion about just about everything,😂 constructively of course. I’m so excited about our ideas for the campaign, I can’t wait to reveal the end result. 

It already seems like a long time ago I left my old job and yet it was only 4 days ago. That can only be a good thing in terms of being happy and feeling like I moved on and made the right decision. 

Major fist pump. 



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