“Hi, I’m the new girl!”

We’ve all been the new girl or guy at a new job and its very nerve wracking. You’ve aced the job interview and they obviously think you’re wonderful or they wouldn’t have hired you. So now you have to prove it and meet their oh so high expectations of you, not forgetting of course getting through that worrying probationary period. 

It’s not just the work factor either it’s the friends factor. Whilst I’m not at work really to make friends of course it’s nice to have allies. Will they include me in plans and lunches or should I be assertive and ask to join in? I have a million thoughts running around my head right now, but there’s no point in worrying about any of it because all I need to do is-

                      Just be me.

There’s no point in being someone you’re not. Work hard, be polite be nice, show passion  and everything will fall in to place. If it doesn’t then you tried your best and that’s all you can do.

  In an hour I start my new job. I’m the new girl. The day will be filled with sweaty handshakes, names I won’t remember tomorrow, and awkward conversations, but this is an amazing new chapter in my life.

It’s my chance to change lives and make a real difference.. 

Watch this space.


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