Fatality on the line.

It took me 2 hours to get to my office today. It was only my second day and I was stressing because I was late. I ended up getting a different train and taking a bus the rest of the way. I had no idea where I was but Google maps was my saviour. It was inconvenient and annoying yes. Life threatening, no. 

It quickly became apparent why there were no trains. “There’s a fatality on the line.” Announced the guards and the departure boards. It struck me on my detour to work that none of us  knew anything about the person. Were they male or female? How old were they? Did they have kids? What happened to them to make them decide to end their life this morning? 

And now there’s a train driver who will probably have nightmares for years and will be traumatised. There’s police and emergency services who will have the gruelling job of clearing up the mess of a body that’s been hit by a fast moving train. Then there’s the family that will need to be told that someone they love has killed themselves and won’t be coming home. 

Suicide is horrible. Suicide is even inconvenient. But suicide is not selfish. Anyone who suggests so is ignorant regarding mental illness. People don’t chose to be depressed its a sickness. People don’t think rationally about suicide. They just want out. 

This morning I had a 2 hour commute but a man killed himself just before 7am. Calling him selfish is not going to stop people jumping in the future, and perhaps we should all learn to be a little more sympathetic rather than worrying about that 9am meeting… 



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