I’m not Caroline who had cancer here. 

After a pretty tough commute yesterday today is much improved and I’ve had time to have breakfast in this delightful little cafe called Cafe francaise. It’s got this lovely little conservatory attached at the back and it’s a lovely place to chill out and write. 

It’s day 3 of my new job and I’m loving it so far. I feel like I’m making great progress with everybody and fitting in. 

The wonderful thing about working at a smaller charity is everybody has a real passion and the whole reason for its existance doesn’t get forgotten. 

I’m getting really stuck in here with Comms, case studies, editorial and PR events. We do it all here. That’s fine by me because I can and want to do it all. (Ok I want to do a lot)! I want that amazing experience and job satisfaction.  The worst thing in the world is having a strong work ethic and all this passion and being caged in and not being able to execute it. That’s no ones fault, there’s just a lot of people to do the jobs at bigger charities and a lot more rules. 

I believe honesty and self expression work well and that’s how I choose to write. Freely without censor, as anyone with a cancer diagnosis should. 

  And the best thing about starting again? I don’t talk about my cancer. I don’t need to. These people know me as Caroline from another charity. I’m not Caroline who had cancer. 


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