This is a post about silence. The things people don’t say..

This morning I was thinking about how so often we pretend to be someone else. This cool calm and collected person without any problems. Everyone wants to be seen as having their shit together. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are easy for emphasising that  lie of how amazing our lives are. Most of us who post on social media are all seeking some form of approval or reassurance. It’s like we all became in competition with each other.

Sometimes, as Jessie J once said, ‘it’s ok not to be ok’ and it’s ok to say so. You don’t have to live up to this expectation that you’re this cool motherf*c*er, it’s ok to let people see who you really are!

So it got me thinking of the things we find hard to say. I know this list is subjective but some of the things I am sure will resonate with many. 

1. I need you

Need is a strong word. It’s been turned around in the last few years to be a negative word. Needing somebody is ok according to my old therapist. It’s not needy to need someone. Sometimes you need someone to talk to, to be there for you, to soothe you.

2. I miss you

It’s hard to tell someone that you miss them. It’s all about power and self preservation. I miss people more than I’ll ever show. Sometimes I cry thinking about them and our happy times. Missing someone is painful. It’s fine to tell someone you miss them. Most people would be flattered I’m sure.

3. I love you

The L word is super hard. There’s lots of different types of love not just romantic love. Romantic love is what we have the hardest time with because it’s not unconditional love like that of a mother and child, it involves being a bit vulnerable. It’s sad if you love someone and it’s unrequited but there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s something to be said at adding PS I love you at the end of a communication. It’s not really an afterthought it’s most probably the most important part of the message.

4. I’m sorry

Agh pride loves to step in here and stop us from saying sorry. I find that so sad that people cannot admit responsibility and apologise for their behaviour or hurting others. 

Sometimes 2 words can change the world- well someone else’s world. Forget that ego! I’d love to see people start being themselves a bit more rather than hide behind this person they think society says they should be 


Ps I ❤️ you 


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