Give me just a little more time

I wish I had more time in the day to do things. By the time I’ve done a 10-11 hour day I do the things I need to do at home and then I’m tired and want to go to bed early. My weekends are pretty hectic too. I’m always on the go. 

I would never have time for a relationship or to partake in a hobby in the week. How do people fit all the extra stuff in? As a working single parent it’s hard juggling work, life, kids. I think I’m going to self combust at times! 

I wish I didn’t feel so tired all the time. The truth is I’ve been exposed to so much toxicity and surgery that my body will probably never recover from it and it’s something I have to live with. 

I’ve had a great week at work but truth be told I’m in a bad mood, fed up of having a hectic busy life and fed up of being tired all the fucking time. 

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