An ode to my breasts.

I thought it was time I wrote about boobs. After all they have taken centre stage in my life! 

  A late developer in that department, I never had breasts until I was about 15 and then they overtook everyone elses and grew like 2 landmarks on my chest!

I always liked my boobs.  My boyfriends always liked my boobs. So when I had cancer and had to have a mastectomy I was so upset. I’m not saying that other women wern’t equally as upset, anyone would be but for me I really loved them and it was much like a grieving process after the op. 

I’ve had 2 operations now as you know. First one to put an implant under the skin so I wouldn’t be flat and second the major biggie op which I had 3 months ago. I still need two smaller operations which are known as revisions later on. My DIEP breast is a little bit too big now so they will certainly take some fat from that. 

I do understand why some women choose not to bother with the reconstruction but for me I desperately wanted it. Not just because I’m young, or because I really liked my boobs, but because because I refused to let cancer take anything else away from me, particularly part of my femininity. 

People shout ‘nice tits love’ in the street or out their van window all the time. And men are always staring at them. I laugh to myself because i think, if only they knew! 

The truth is they aren’t nice or beautiful to look at- they are just OK at the moment. They are better than they were after the first surgery.

In a bra you would literally never be able to tell I ever had breast cancer, that one of my breasts has been rebuilt, that I have major scarring.
 I feel like I’m winning in a way. I’m showing that fucking cancer who is boss. Both with my big bolshy attitude and my big bolshy boobs. 😊



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