For the first time…

I looked in the mirror today and I saw me again. My hair, straight fine and sleek just like it used to be. I can’t tell you how good that feels. It’s only hair but it’s nearly two years I had to wait for this hair. Then I realised… 

When you wait a long time for something it’s so much more gratifying when you actually get it.


Isn’t it funny when something terrible happens, and you’re  in the thick of it, you think you will never move on. Whatever it is is so bad and consumes every inch of you that  you are convinced there is no way on earth you will get over it. But you do get over it. You can’t quite work out how or when, or piece together the intricate details it’s just a gradual process. 

Time is so wonderous. It fascinates me.  Time plays its part in enabling us to move on and to grow. But time doesn’t solely heal us. We need to be willing and truly desire to move along with it. 

You can stay stuck for as long as you want to, but when you truly desire you want to be free that’s when you start to heal, get better and move on from what’s dragging you down. 



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