Bearded friends 

I had the most amazing day at a work event in London today. I’m so lucky it’s only my second week and I got to meet everyone, take photos and do all the social media for 3 accounts all afternoon. It was such fun!

I met amazing men who all grew beards for Decembeard a brilliant fundraising campaign. Some grew them because their mums had died of bowel cancer, some of their wives had had it, brothers had it, some of them had it. They all had amazing stories. All very special people. 

 The nicest thing about the day was watching the guys talk and network. Bowel cancer has such a stigma. No one wants to talk about their poo and their bum so it can be very isolating for them. Bringing these guys together to talk is a wonderful experience for them.

I was with my amazing team beard 

And I got to play with this little guy who was very cute.

Me in my new garms.

Me with a beard 



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