I finished my second week at work and it’s all going well. I’ve been rather busy learning my role and covering on social media as the person was on holiday. Next week we are going out for a curry. Whoop!

I’ve come away to the caravan for a relaxing break sans kids and dog. My friend works all the hours god sends as a teacher and she’s been working her socks off even going in during the summer hols. So both of us go really need a break.  

Helen is great because she listens and I know I can tell her things and she won’t judge me. Last night we had a heart to heart and she reassured me greatly. You know when you have wobbles about whether you’re a good person and whether you’ve done a bad thing? Sometimes you need someone’s advice and perspective.


Whilst I couldn’t give him his own blog post, last night we met the funniest taxi driver ever! Down in Rye they are all one man bands and have their own taxi firms. I told him I’m usually well behaved in taxis apart from vomit out the window incidents! He then proceeded to tell us about the lady who wet herself in the back and didn’t say anything, and the guy who made him pull over suddenly to have a poo on the pavement! 😭 these are the only stories in able to actually mention but you certainly see and hear it all being a taxi driver! 

I can’t believe it’s August! Where did 2015 go? 2 years and 2 months a survivor. Still kicking arse!! 


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