Why brave is losing its real meaning. 

I’m a hard one to please. But I’m always impressed by the dedication and passion people show when they fundraise for charity.  I’ve barely raised any money for charity, I always wanted to but it never happened and then I got ill and my fitness is not what it was.

 I think for now, I’ll stick to the emotional support side, something which exerts me mentally as opposed to physically.  I’m doing my bit too I guess, and fundraising in the future isn’t a no go and something to think about.

Recently I moaned about a Breast cancer charity’s campaign being too corporate and using celebs with no immediate connection to cancer. It felt cold and uncomfortable to me, yet I can see why they want maximum impact to raise awareness. It’s certainly not just about how I feel or others in cancer community but we are certainly allowed an opinion!

As you know I don’t like the sexualisation and page 3 links to certain charities,  perhaps we are a little over sensitive but I’m sure many of the people who are very defensive over criticism (who get their boobs out for the campaigns) would feel exactly the same if it were them. 

Campaigns like shaving your hair off are amazing because this is having a tiny idea what it’s like going through cancer. This is an empathetic deed and I have great admiration for any woman who shaves her hair when she doesn’t have to. 

Our hair is part of our femininity and in some ways defines who we are. Is shaving your hair off brave? Probably not. Even surviving cancer isn’t brave you don’t really have much choice in the matter it’s instinctive. Shaving your hair is kind, it’s admirable and a lovely thing to do but it’s not brave. 

Let’s save the word ‘brave’ for the people who risk their lives for others. Soldiers firemen policemen. You see if we just call everybody brave the word loses its meaning doesn’t it? 

I would love to have the guts to jump out of a plane. Perhaps something to think about. There’s only one word to describe that though, and that’s bonkers! 



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