Cancer survivors- the forgotten sufferers.

Today with my oncologist’s  advice I’m officially off tamoxifen until further exploratory investigations are carried out. It turns out that persistently bleeding every day (all be it ever so slightly) is not great and I may need a pelvic scan. Because tamoxifen can cause womb cancer they are very careful. 

My doctors were very strict with me in the beginning and assured me of the importance of staying on the tablet. Yet now it seems they aren’t worried. 

I feel like I’m on a cancer patient conveyer belt. Maybe two year survivors are seen as out of the woods and not classed as high priority? I guess we are certainly not the main priority but it’s a weird feeling all the same. 

We just have to hope for the best, I guess that’s what our doctors and medics do for us too.

Survivors get a bit of a raw deal in some respects. People forget about you and you’re seen by others to be fine now, like it never happened to you. Even cancer charities are supporting people newly diagnosed and spending money on awareness campaigns for people who may never even get cancer. 

Are cancer survivors the forgotten sufferers?  


There’s been  talk of rehabilitation programmes, survivorship programmes for years but they never materialise. Why is this? If survivors did matter would this not be in place already?

People still aren’t understanding the severity and emotional impact post diagnosis. It’s not good enough to plead ignorance when so many people are crying out for help. 

We should raise awareness we should help the people in treatment currently fighting but let’s not forget the fragile survivors too. 

They matter. 



  1. jenteeski

    Reading through your blog and your words are so powerful and touching. I am interning for a non-profit organization called 15-40 Connection, focused on cancer awareness and early detection. We are constantly looking for survivors to share their story with us; without our survivors we would not be in operation. Check out our website if you are interested or send an email to .


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