Nige (the swimmer)


Nigel and I ‘met’ virtually online. Nigel was very nice and easy to get on with. Although not traditionally good looking he was attractive in his pics. Non bearded but a nice youthful face and nice arm muscles. 

Being so busy I gave up chatting to others online and spent all my time talking to Nige (big mistake-one I won’t be making again).

Nige was attentive and keen. He was very complimentary. We eventually arranged to meet after weeks of chatting. He wanted to come down and see me in Rye as I was staying down there at the time. 

When we met in person he was really quiet and shy but I liked talking to him and liked what he had to say. His job was pretty dull though and I did wonder how he got to 36 without having a serious relationship or children but hey ho.

Nige was happy to pay for everything but I thought it fair I paid for something and paid for lunch. I did really fancy him if I’m honest and I didn’t really want the date to end. It lasted all afternoon and we had a kiss which I asked for, because a shy guy is never going to make the first move right? He didn’t seem to mind anyway. The kiss was ok. Perhaps a bit wet but I put this down to nerves. Actually his lips were really thin. So basically I  think our lips were not compatible. I know I’m sounding like a bitch now but he deserves it. 

Nige liked dogs and liked swimming. I’m not sure if he had many friends because he didn’t mention any. I know he liked the quiet life. On paper we were a good match!

The date came to an end, and we parted. I  pretty much skipped home thinking about 3 days time when we would meet again. He gushed over text about the great time he had. How he couldn’t wait to see me again. 

So imagine my surprise when 24 hours later he told me the 80 mile distance was “too much to bear” and he wouldn’t be able to stand it in the long run. Well thanks a lot Nige! Could you not have decided that in the beginning?!  What happened to you being independent?!

All in all I think I had a lucky escape from this fickle man. If he couldn’t handle a bit of a distance how would he have handled news of my cancer? I’m glad I didn’t share that with him.

*(Names have been changed to protect identities although I chose this name because his real name is similar and equally as naff)*


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