The things that give us the most pleasure can cause the most pain.

Those of you who know me know how much I love animals. I particularly love dogs and I got my beautiful Lucky when she was 8 weeks old. 

I remember first taking her home in the car and she was crying all the way home. She was a mischievous puppy and the biggest one. I knew she’d be a little troublesome but there was something about her. She was just special.

Six year on she’s grown up with my family. And as a family, we’ve been through tough times but she has often been my saviour. She knew when I was Ill, she never left my side. 

My workmate was crying today because her dog is dying of cancer. It’s really upsetting. It made me think that all the pleasurable things in life bring you so much pain. The people we love leave us or they die. Our pets die. Nothing lasts forever.  

 Sometimes I wonder if it’s just  better to not become emotionally invested in anything or anyone. I really do, and It breaks my heart when that pleasure is taken away from me. I wish I was harder, colder emotionally detached like others but I’m not. 

When  people leave without an explanation perhaps that’s even harder still…


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