Date with Jason (Phil Mitchell)

Last night was date number 2. (Well the second one I’m writing about, but who’s counting)?!

I don’t know why I’m calling this guy Phil Mitchell because he is much better looking, but on first sight it’s a comparison I instantly thought of so its stuck. Jason had a beard though. Yay to the hairy faced men of society who want to date me!

Jason and I have been talking for about a week. He is very charming and thinks he’s won jackpot because I messaged him first. No Jason you haven’t won jackpot, I can be a moody bitch and a fucking nightmare and could probably make your life hell if you let me.  😂 But for now I let him think that he’s won jackpot. Cha-Ching!

We meet in a bar. I’m late, but he’s dressed nicely. I can see he’s nervous. He buys me a drink. “Do you want a large” he says? I immediately think this guy is amazing and I say yes!

So we talk about life. I ask the nosey questions whilst casually pretending they are no biggies and not making eye contact. Really I’m sussing him out. I have all the answers I wanna hear in my head. This isn’t an interview Caroline I hear you cry, well it kind of is, and it’s a job and a half dating me!

We finish our drinks and go to a Thai place. We order a lot of food. (No shame on my part). I demolish an entire basket of prawn crackers before the foods even arrived. He spills sweet sauce down his tee shirt. I think he felt super embarrassed at this point.  I said I would spill it down my top too to make him feel better (I really wasn’t going to do that).  My no carbs is well and truly out the window now as we munch on prawn toast and tempura.

It’s all going really well until he tells me he doesn’t drive. This is going to sound sexist but I don’t understand why a man has never learned to drive. He’s 37 and had a trade it makes no sense. He says he hasn’t bothered because he’s lazy. I start recoiling in my seat. I don’t like the sound of that. I quickly assess the situation and don’t want to cast him aside just because of the car issue. 

We have a few more drinks, he says that he would like to do it again. Me with a mouth full of Singapore noodles nods and smiles. He pays the whole bill and says it’s his pleasure. I offer to pay but he doesn’t let me. Guys: this is how you treat a lady on a first date!! Jason should be a first date guru!

He walks me to my uber and we have a kiss (peck) and a  hug which was quite sweet.

All in all, I don’t feel blown away by him and I didn’t feel like I wanted to jump his bones but maybe it’s worth seeing him again and seeing how it goes? 


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