Vagina etiquette.

So I have a trans vaginal scan on Sunday to look at my pelvis and womb (I think)? I thought they could scan over your belly these days and didn’t have to be all embarrassing and internal! 

I’m glad I’m having this done as tamoxifen increases risk of womb cancer and that’s a very bad cancer to have; also I’ve been having some troubles with pain and ladies problems. 

You would think by now I would be used to to people seeing my body parts but I still get embarrassed.  What do you say when your legs are spread-eagled and you’re being probed?  Is there a vaginal examination etiquette? Loads of thoughts flood my mind during these exams. What is the doctor thinking? I should have waxed my bikini line! Does it look weird compared to others? 

The fact is these exams are a necessary evil, but the doctors have seen it all before. Nothing could ever be worse than the male midwife with the giant hands anyway (which FYI, scars me for life).

So hopefully the exam will be ok and the results will be normal  and I can continue on this shitty tamoxifen at least until Christmas anyway and then I’ll review it.


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