Internet dating has made us all want that instant gratification 

If you’ve tried Internet dating you will surely feel my pain.

It’s seemingly become the norm and ok to “hook up” or meet up for a quick fuck. And a lot of men will talk to you in a sexual way or suggestively from the off.

Now I’ve not mentioned on my profile that I’m looking for a quick roll in the hay, or I’m looking for “fun.” Yes fun- a word that is now misconstrued in the dating world. Fun apparently now means fucking someone after 5 minutes, not going on an actual fun date- god forbid! Yeah don’t ever mention the word fun in your profile because men think it means you’re up for it, and if a man mentions fun particularly with a wink I’m very dubious.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with casual sex, but what I don’t like is how most men online think you are all after instant gratification. If I’m not alluding to the fact “I’m up for it” then dont presume so. It’s actually disgusting and it’s no wonder people dispair on dating sites. People say “oh but you look sexy, you have that look about you” oh I’m sorry I will just change my face and hide my chest so you talk to me with respect!

Here’s a couple of lovely messages I’ve received in the last two days. There’s loads more, but I thought these were the best in terms how douchey these men are. 

But whose fault is it? Is Internet dating to blame for this I want it now culture, or is it our generation? I can’t say for sure but what I want to say is what is so wrong about having a conversation and getting to know someone first? 


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