I’m all about the flat white these days.. 

As a former cappuccino addict, it became part of my daily routine. A nice warm frothy caffeine hit on my way to work.  

 I got bored of the cappuccino though and one day I thought to myself  I’m actually paying for a lot of froth and not a lot of liquid. What am I getting out of this? The coffee shop was getting a lot out of me. My hard earned cash and my time patiently waiting in the morning queue. 

The thing is I knew what I was getting, and it was semi satisfying i.e. It did its job of waking me up. But it was by no means great. 

Sometimes we get so comfortable with semi satisfying because it’s well, easy I guess. There are no surprises. We accept a lot less than we deserve because we are scared we might not like something else as much or it will go terribly wrong. 

I’m all about the flat white these days. I’m getting a lot more enjoyment out of it and a what I put in I get back out. I’m not being short changed for half a cup of froth. 

Sometimes making small changes or even big changes can enrich your life and can give you an enormous boost of self confidence. 

Life is too short to be semi satisfied with something isn’t it? Know your worth and your value and you’re already winning 



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