Calm after the storm.

So I’m feeling a bit better about things than I was.

You know when you dislike someone, everything they do pisses you off? They can’t do anything right because you already made your mind up about them. You know you’re being irrational and unfair and not giving them a chance. Sound familiar? Well that’s how I feel about Tamoxifen!


It makes me fat and gives me gross cellulite, it gives me period pains and now it’s increasing my risk of womb cancer. 

When I went to the hospital and was told it had thickened my womb lining I started googling and got angry. I already hate being on it, so this was just one more thing to justify to myself how shit it was and another reason to come off  of it. 

Now I’ve calmed down a bit I realise that although I don’t like it, it hopefully will keep me alive and keep cancer away. All the ladies I know who didn’t have the chance to take it who passed away. I know they would want me to take it and do all I can to stay alive. I know I’m being stubborn and I have to stop being so.

Anyway I decided to cheer myself and have some fun and be blonde for a while! It’s only temporary but it’s amazing how different I feel about myself!



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