Feeling old (and penisis)

Theres nothing like being surrounded by a bunch of teenagers at a convention to make you feel extremely old. 

Brightly dyed coloured hair, awful dress sense, screeching, screaming, loud, hyper, this was the average teenage girl at the youtube conference I went to.

On top of that I was basically stuck next to the snogging 14 year old couple all afternoon and honestly didn’t know if I was jealous or horrified!? I’m pretty sure the latter. The funny thing was we were sat by the sex ed stand and there was a giant penis mould on the table (not a vibrator, a penis made out of wood)managed by some smiley women in fluorescent tee shirts. It was all rather weird and awkward. 

 Anyway I suddenly felt very old. These kids were annoying. I don’t remember being like that. Our generation was quieter  I’m sure of it. I thought 90s fashion was hideous looking back but it was marginally better than the atrocious garms I saw these kids wearing. Some of them looked homeless! 

Anyway I’ve been feeling a bit stressed so I’ve been singing a lot. Much like writing it’s therapeutic and chills me out. 

I also managed to use my “she wee” contraption I’m taking camping for the first time. I can’t believe how much fun it is to pee like a man. I had to lean back a lot but my contraption has an extension hose so it’s much longer than an average penis but still I felt proud haha.

This post has turned in to a post about dicks hasn’t it… 


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