I settled in. (I’m part of the furniture).

It’s one month since I’ve been in my new job. How fast did that go?! Apart from all the amazing lunches and cakes and sweets which has been “a Brucie bonus” everyone is very nice and I’ve made friends (with basically everyone because we are so small -ahh ☺️).

I’ve been writing a whole magazine so have found some amazing case studies and interviewed them. It’s something  which I love to do. I’ve been writing about fundraising events and cancer taskforce news and lots of other things, so it’s really varied. I feel like my writing is improving all the time, and I’m getting so much experience. 

I’m also getting creative and designing awareness posters for new campaigns and really keen to get involved in videography and videoing and editing so I’m hoping to go on a course for that. Exciting!

I guess I have a sense of belonging here. I literally never mention my cancer because people don’t really know. I sometimes think how much easier it would have been at my last job if I’d never spoken about it. But anyway that’s in the past and it’s all part of my journey. 

I’m a confident girl now who’s full of ideas and enthusiasm as I always was, but perhaps I’m more confident in my abilities these days..




  1. Helen

    I can’t believe it’s been a month already. I had every confidence that you’d fit in really well. It’s great to hear how well you are doing and how you are growing in confidence. xx


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