We all matter. Cancers shit whether you’re 8 or 88. Stop comparing! 

Let’s get one thing clear. You can’t make everyone happy. 

My views are those of a person who had cancer and not in a professional capacity. I always document how I feel at the time as I feel it’s important for me to dump my thoughts and feelings and then move on quickly. I don’t expect all to agree with me and I don’t think I  know better than anyone else. 

I realise that there is ALWAYS  a counter argument with anything. I don’t like a lot of charity campaigns but many people do! My point is  am allowed to express an opinion and I’m allowed to suggest alternatives. If that’s not taken on board, then that’s fine- basically I just want to be heard. 

This blog was inspired by one of the latest cancer news stories-in particular the Daily mail story regarding old people not getting the same care or cancer treatment as younger people. This is awful to hear and makes me sad.  Everyone has the right to good treatment and the right to life.  

However (and I should sometimes take my own advice here), complaining about how you are treated whilst effectively insulting others with cancer is not the way to go. In doing so, you’ve now detracted from the actual issue and made me think you’re a little mean. 


 Saying  things such as young people should “rein it in” and calling us “more emotional” is not particularly nice to read. Why do people with cancer turn on each other anyway?  Surely it’s an issue with the NHS and the current  government?  People affected need to stick together, support each other. Work and campaign together to acheive better cancer care for all.

Anyway as I said you can’t make everyone happy. And that’s the way the world goes round…

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