Peace and (free) love. (Festival baby)

So I did wonder whether I’d ever see another festival again,but here I am 35 (nearly 36 oh shit) alive and kicking in total hippy mode! 

I love festivals. I love everything they promote. Peace, love and music. Perhaps my 3 favourite things. 

Free love however is perhaps taboo to write about here,but sex is enjoyable and should be enjoyed. I’m not implying that’s the sort of activity I enjoyed, merely that it’s ok to be liberated or a strong independent sassy woman who don’t need no man. ☺️

A festival is a happy place. Yes there’s usually lots of drugs about  but you don’t need them. 

Happiness comes from within. It really does. And from music of course! 

After neglecting my lovely blog for a few days I’m back from the most fabulous weekend away in Essex at V. I had such a wonderful time I’m  now on a post festival comedown. 

It’s  certainly time for detox!!



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