It’s been a while…

I can’t really recall the last time I saw an oncologist (or for medical knowledge idiots-a cancer doctor). Not sure I knew what one was before cancer, so pardon the use of the word idiot if you will.So yeah it’s been a while. Remember though,at one point  I was visiting every 3 weeks sometimes more,for over a year! 

It’s great that I’ve been given all this freedom to go off and do my own thing but now I’m back tomorrow at the Marsden to talk to my team about my thickened womb and what this means for me and tamoxifen. It’s also a chance for me to talk about how I’m doing, and although nervous, I’m quite excited to be going back. I feel looked after there. They really are behind me all the way. 

I feel very tired. Festivals take it out of you and 4 months after my big surgery isn’t very long at all recovery wise so I did feel it. I was determined to push through and go though. Getting out of a tent with a tummy scar and lower back pain is hard work though!

So an update:

My consultant wants me to have a bone scan to rule out sinister cause of my lower back pain. She also wants me to have biopsies taken of the lining of my womb. Little bit worried about both of these and starting to feel very anxious 😦 

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