Intelligence does not equal emotional intelligence 

It’s  easy to tell people who are very intelligent- most aren’t shy in letting you know either.  Sometimes I wish I was super intelligent, where I could converse about absolutely anything with anyone. People respect intelligent people don’t they?

The thing is intelligence does not always equal emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence is very profound. It covers a broad spectrum but in a nutshell high emotional intelligence covers how we react to life events, how we pick up on and react to other people’s emotions. It’s having empathy, having self awareness about how we act and how we treat others, it’s having good social skills and managing effective relationships. 

  Some suggest that people with emotional intelligence perform better at work and at life, and some say it’s a real intelligence like IQ and measurable in the same way. 

But anyway: I wonder if you can have both,a high IQ and high emotional intelligence?  The more I think about it the more I think not. At least not both in extremes. Intelligent people focus on knowledge and facts and not about feelings. 

People with low emotional intelligence(EQ) may have a masters degree and look good on paper but they may also be selfish, a poor listener, uncaring, picky, bossy, rude, passive, unresponsive, slow, critical, fussy, resistant to change, or the worst, stubborn!

Just like IQ EQ can be improved by managing your stress levels, evaluating yourself and thinking more about others. It’s not always easy but the most clever thing you’ll ever do in your life is become a better person.

I’m still learning…

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