Please sir I want some more life 

Today was a worrying and sad day for cancer patients. 

In total, 17 cancer drugs which extend lives will no longer be paid for after November. 

People on the drugs will be able to receive them but anyone needing them from now on will be denied access. 

It’s a huge blow for the patients I support in my job, and a huge blow for me and many ladies with breast cancer particularly the agressive her2- cancer which I had. 

If this type of cancer spreads it can grow and spread at a dramatic rate. This is where Kadcyla comes in. Kadcyla is an extremely costly drug, 100 grand per patient thereabouts. it buys a woman time though, 6 months on average but it could be much longer. The  drug is now delisted and won’t be available to women in the future. More and more ladies are going to get breast cancer and it seems they don’t want to spend money on you once you’re not curative (stage 1-3). 

I was angry today. I’m angry because I’m hurt by the decision. I’m angry because I’m worried one day I might need the drug and I won’t be able to have it. 

It reminds me of Oliver Twist holding his bowl up and asking for more gruel. There’s plenty of food but he’s denied more by Mr Bumble. something that could be so easy to give him. 

All people want is their lives to be valued. An extra six months or a year with their families is precious and should not be taken away from somebody so cruelly and so brutally.

David Cameron said that people shouldn’t be denied access to life saving drugs. And yet this is what is happening… Surprised?

the NHS and the pharmaceutical giants have failed to come to agreements, and unfortunately money as always  is more important than life.


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