“And then she knew, she could be homesick for people too…”

When  I think of the word homesick I think of a longing for something that you can’t have and a sicky empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. It doesn’t have to be about being away and missing your family home it can be anywhere that at one time in your life you felt like you belonged. 

 It’s funny when something that’s new and exciting in your life goes through a rough patch, you really miss the old, and you almost forget the negatives. Our brains are seemingly wired to forget the bad and look back on things with rose tinted glasses. It’s nice in a way, but none of it is real. It’s just a fantasy- it’s self preservation.

But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t have fond memories, and of course with anything or anyone in your past you would have learned so much about yourself- even if the only thing you learned was that 

you deserve better. 

It’s ok to feel homesick and miss places and people, but remember why you’re not there, or why you’re not with that person, and enjoy the present. 


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