“scanxiety”-you just have to sit it out.

Isn’t it funny how we spend a fortune on medicines for a common cold when we know there’s no cure? We throw vitamin C and Lucozade down our necks like they’re going out of fashion. Let’s face it. The only think that helps your cold is good old fashioned sitting it out.  There’s no secret formula or magic potion apart from a little bit of time and a little bit of patience. (Oh ok and a dash of whiskey just because it’s booze and medicinal of course)! No sorry back to serious…

It’s much like waiting for test results-(you know the serious scary ones.) You can worry until you make yourself ill but all worrying does is waste time. Precious time you can’t ever get back. You cannot change the result regardless of “coping mechanisms” or negative/positive thinking etc…

Now this sounds mighty rich, because I do worry. I get myself in a state, but I’ve learned to worry less over time, but anyway this isn’t about me it’s about you and I’m kindly asking you to sit it out and basically do nothing, just like what you should do when you have a cold. 

It’s a big ask but I’m asking you not to worry when you’re waiting for test results-at least not excessively or  to the point of making yourself ill. I know how much I regretted all the days and nights I spent freaking out and sobbing over the unknown. 

 Yes some of the results I got were awful and my worst fears were confirmed but some were actually good results. Either way the excessive worrying did no good whatsoever. 

I wrote this post as a reminder to myself to stay strong and not fall apart these next few days waiting for scan results but also from a real patients’ perspective from someone who’s been dealing with “scanxiety” for 2 and a half years now. 

I don’t proclaim to be an expert. I’m not a cancer charity booklet or an informative webpage. I don’t claim to be a psychologist or a therapist but I can tell you hand on heart that what will be will be, that I can promise you and  I can tell you that this too shall pass because no matter how bad it seems initially, eventually it won’t feel quite so bad..


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