Happy birthday to you.

Annivesaries and birthdays come around so quickly. This year is no different. 

Today it’s my mums birthday.  14 birthdays have passed now. I always think I should commemorate it in some way but I feel rather stupid as it’s so long ago- so I just remember her instead.

I always try and gauge how I’m doing in life in terms of what would she think? It keeps me grounded to a degree although my behaviour has been erratic the last couple of years, but maybe she’d understand that.

After a good news scan result last week I’m now on to part two of the scary stuff although nothing was seen on my scan of my womb and ovaries just thickening so nobody is overly worried. Today I’m having some cells taken from the lining of my womb to test all is ok. I stupidly googled the procedure and totally freaked myself out. I know I’m going to start swearing because it’s going to hurt. I hope I say Fuck instead of the C word but it’s involuntary and I get really stressed with any procedures up there! God knows how I managed to have 2 kids?!  

 After this it’ll be nice to have a break from tests and hospitals and hands and probes in my vagina. 



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