See ya September 

October is looming and that means the start of breast cancer awareness month. Lots of pink, lots of sexualising cancer, and lots of money to be made.  


Anyway thankfully  it is also a red and orange month- a beautiful month, at least that detracts from all the pink!

So, I told my colleagues today after 2 months and 9 days about my breast cancer. The reason I told them was because a) I’ve mentioned it in my editor page in the magazine and b) it’s just easier if people know really isn’t it?!I felt sick before I pressed send, there’s always that worry that things will be awkward or people will react in odd ways like silence or pity or hugs and kisses. it’s hard to know the right way to react to these things-I get that. Thankfully it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Everyone was really nice about it. 

So as September comes to an end on reflection it’s been a very difficult month. One I mostly wish to forget. But it’s not been all bad. I’ve written some great stuff, I don’t have cancer and I got to know a couple of great people that I admire mostly  for their strength and the way they deal with things so admirably and gracefully. They inspire me to be less reactive to situations and to be happier.. 😄


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