Breast cancer is black not pink.

When I think of  breast cancer awareness month, (BCAM) I think of pink. I think of girlie and pretty. I think of flowers and sweets and My little ponies. It’s all very soft and dreamy pink, isn’t it? 

When I think of having breast cancer, I think of the colour black. I think of terror, fear and darkness. I think of losing hair and my femininity I think it’s fucking shit and a horrific thing to go through. I also think of the colour red- red for danger, death and high alert and anxiety.

Corporates don’t like red and black because they are scary colours. They are serious. They aren’t fun and pretty like pink. Pink makes money as do celebs in pretty underwear. The pink pound is booming. There is A LOT of money to be made from breast cancer because it is now almost considered  cool- certainly not a taboo anymore. So much so that many are misinformed and think breast cancer is a good cancer to have. (Wrong and dangerous misconception). This is because of pink washing and the pink pound.

Now, I don’t think we should be hitting people in the balls with hard hitting stuff like mastectomy pictures and scars and women sitting alone crying. The last thing I would ever want to do is scare people. But there does need to be a middle ground. 

It’s a sad world when people see breast cancer as a huge money making machine and not a serious disease that kills 12 thousand women a year… 


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