Nostalgic comfort.

While eating some warm gooey cheese I realised that it’s giving me a rediculous amount of comfort but I can’t quite understand why. Yes I love cheese and I know it’s decadent and extremely naughty but it’s got to be more than that to produce such pleasurable feelings- a food orgasm if you will. 

I think  most of it goes back to being a child- a feeling of nostalgia. It’s a subconscious feeling but my brain recalls me being a child and feeling comforted by cheese. I remember eating cheese on toast a lot,it was often a winter snack  But it’s not just warm gooey cheese that gives me comfort there’s so many other things too (all of which I’m sure I loved as a child).

1 The banana sandwich.

I don’t eat many of these nowdays as its a bit of an embarrassing sandwich filling but oh what a wonderful thing a banana sandwich is. White bread, butter and banana and sugar, I ate these regularly between the ages of 4 and 8. They are just so immensely soft and comforting. 


2. Mashed potato 

I never cook mash at home as I’m too lazy but, I remember mash with fondness made two ways. One made by my mum and one by my nan. My nans mash was quite lumpy but very milky and creamy .Thinking about mash potato now makes me smile. 

3. Hot water bottle.

Ok so not a food item but something I was given a lot as a child when I was cold or feeling unwell. In actual fact my dad went out and bought me a new one yesterday as I was poorly in bed all day. It had a teddy bear cover on it which is hilarious as its super nostalgic and cute even if it’s meant for a 5 year old. My mum would have made it for me but as she’s not around anymore, I do everything for myself that she would have done if I was ill.


People seem shocked when I say I’m not a lover of chocolate really and I find it sickly. When my mum was alive there would always be a giant Toblerone bar in the living room. I think it must have been her favourite I’m not sure. It’s a bloody bugger to eat, very knobbly, but as soon as I taste it all these feel good  feelings flood my brain. I hardly ever indulge but when I do I know it’s going to make me rather happy.

5. Sarsaparilla  

 During the 80’s, I drank this soft drink at home called Sarsaparilla. Most people drank Ki-Ora or Sunny Delight or Sunny E- (later taken off the shelves for having more E numbers than it should have had). Nobody knew what this drink was and I’m not even sure how we got in to it?  I later learned that it’s a drink from the Caribbean and you can by it in Brixton  and other places. It’s a dark squash made from a plant and tastes amazing. I can’t remember the last time I had it probably 15 years ago but just one sip and I know I would feel 7 years old again. Definitely try this drink it’s honestly really nice.



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