“You won’t realise how far you’ve walked until you look around and see how far you’ve travelled.”

So I’m feeling a lot better than I was. I’m taking iron now and it’s definitely perked me up. I have energy again and even better news- the mega period is on the way out!! I’m hoping that’s it now, and my biopsy will be clear and I can go back on the Tamoxifen. 

It’s a little scary not having that protection anymore from a recurrence  so I think the sooner I start taking it again the better. There’s always going to be problems with my health but it’s good when one problem rectifies itself!

 It makes me think back to when I actually had the cancer- that was a singular problem. Christ I wasn’t even ill, I was slim and healthy. It was only once the cancer was taken away I started having problems with my health. You’ve got to laugh. When I look back (and I don’t do this often), I can’t believe how far I’ve come, travelling this crazy road! I’ve been walking on this path for so long it’s been fraught with difficulties. 

It’s been a test of endurance for sure.  I don’t have a lot of patience but believe me I’ve had to be patient these last couple of years. You’ve got no other choice when dealing with cancer.

With distance in mind (although a different kind), I’m conscious that I am a very open  person and that sometimes leads me to get too close to people. I’m very trusting (perhaps too much so). I must learn to exercise caution more often, although getting close to people is scary and I inevitably always pull back anyway.

So..I have managed to get myself a date when I’m in Paris. I do like to live on the edge. I have no idea what to expect other than I have some material for my blog and the possibility of a good night out. 

As I said I have virtually no interest in dating or meeting anyone but when in Rome, (or Paris) why not?! 



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