Writing makes you face up to things. 

So you know that I love these timeline blogs. Of course the above picture isn’t quite how I look as I’m wearing hair extensions but my hair is just above shoulder length now I’m 2 and a half years on since diagnosis. 

Let’s go back in time… 

To one year ago…

My hair was sophisticated and I look really happy (it was my birthday). Inside I was an absolute mess. I was very sad and very angry. I’d literally only just finished some of my cancer treatment. One year on from then I am a different person. Not fully myself but much happier and much more stable. 

Two years ago:

Looking at this picture made me cry. I think it’s because I look so happy even in a really shitty situation, but on the inside I was so scared and felt so alone. In a strange way I think I look quite pretty, but the picture upsets me regardless.


It’s funny how I started writing this with great intentions, and in a fairly positive tone. I didn’t imagine it would evolve in to this – me getting upset recalling bad memories. But that’s what I love about writing. Writing makes you relive the things that you buried. It makes you face up to things. Difficult things. 

That  can only be a good thing really…


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