Happy day of birth. 

Today is my birthday!

I was born on a Wednesday weighing little over 5 pounds. A tiny baby who grew to be a strong-willed child. My mother and my auntie said they knew I was wilful because I had this determined chin! 

It’s said that Wednesday’s child is full of woe, and I guess you could describe much of my childhood as woeful ;even my life as an adult. But not me. I am not woeful, (at least not for long). I always pick myself up again and have faith that things will go my way.

Do you ever wonder why some people appear to have had such hard lives and suffer so much tragedy,and others don’t? It’s not fair is it? 

Once I attended this  group work counselling session. The guy told me that believing and voicing things that have happened to you as unfair should not be done. I disagree. Yes holding on to bitterness and anger and dwelling on the whole unfairness of life is never good or productive, but it’s ok to admit that life’s been unfair to you at certain points. It’s just how you deal with that admission that matters. 

So here’s the thing:

Life was unfair to me when my mum died and life was unfair to me when I had breast cancer. Neither of these things were my fault. But many of my friends died. They didn’t make it. I MADE IT! I have my dad. Although a pain in the arse and hard work he’s my dad and I get to spend time with him, talk to him and love him.   

 I also have my beautiful girls. They drive me up the wall much of the time but I realise they are precious and I take being a mother for granted sometimes. 

This year I will be focussing on continuing to move on from cancer and bettering myself as a person. I must learn to focus on what I do have rather than what I don’t have. In time with a bit of hard work and faith I’ll have everything I ever wanted 



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