Brazilian or neat triangle?

In the Chinese nail salon the other day my daughter and I were having a mother daughter bonding session which included an eyebrow wax (me) and pedicures. 


She asked me,

“Mum! What’s a Brazilian?”

So I paused and then I told her the truth, leaving out the gory detail of getting on all fours while they wax you in every position, (just in case you are very hairy like a yeti).
Anyway I told her that it hurts and to never get it done. That’s all she needed to know. 

Ok… I know I blog about pubic hair a lot but it seems to be a major issue in my life. Ok rephrase: not an issue as in I have too much of it, (see previous blogs and you will know that since chemo it’s patchy)but I digress…

The issue is how I should present myself down there for various occasions. Tomorrow- a gyne appointment where I’m having a general anaesthetic.

 Thinking about people staring and touching my bits while I’m asleep for 20 minutes is actually freaking me out! But still my warped and weird brain is wondering if I should go au natural to the invasive appointment or whether I should be  a little creative with my Veet cream? A runway strip or a heart shape?  Perhaps it may diffuse the situation and make them laugh?! 

It’s one of life’s dilemmas. Just like where does your underwear go when you have an operation?! Weird huh. I’m not the first person to wake up without underwear and won’t be the last. (This is sounding accusatory-it’s not a claim honestly).

All jokes aside let’s hope A) I wake up from the op, B) I make it to Paris and C) they don’t damage my vagina! 😪


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